About us

Welcome to Topmedicalphotos.com where we strive to present a unique selection of medical photographs.

Building on our family tradition, we have been fascinated and surrounded by the world of medical science for years. This inspired us to specialize in medical photography combining our deep interest in medicine and more than 10 years of experience in photography.

We would love to share our passion by bringing you the art of photography in surgery by

  • presenting raw images and real depictions of scenes;
  • showcasing the exceptional and often unseen work of surgeons along with the work of other specialists in medical fields of different kinds;
  • taking such photographs for educational/research and promotional purposes.

You might find the photographs quite shocking at times but also as astonishing examples of medical teams mastering the skills and knowledge in real time.

We are proud to present these images with so much honor and respect to all medical teams around the world and believe that you will appreciate the unique expression these photographs capture and bring to life.

We travel the world and are engaged in various local and international projects.

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Photographer JAN PAVELKA

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